Our Story

Back in 2014, I was asked to be the Maid of Honour for a close friend - a role I lovingly accepted. I was familiar with the responsibility that comes with being a Bride's go-to-gal, having been a Bridesmaid twice before in my tight-knit circle of friends (always a Bridesmaid, never a Bride, right?).

Whilst I was excitedly planning the Hen Party to only find the same old boring items online. Why was everything PINK and PLASTIC? Where were the elegant items? The personalised pretty items that you’d want to keep forever. We couldn’t be the only people who wanted a bit of class at a Hen Party! After all it was the only one the Bride to Be was planning on having.

I soon realised it wasn’t just a lack of items for Hen Parties but weddings, birthdays, baby showers. You name it - there just wasn't enough higher end items to help you celebrate.

So I started making them.

And that's why My Pretty Little Gifts was born.